Weekend Campout Day 1

This is the look you make just before your Mom has to jump in the water in all of her clothes to save you from washing down the river. This was day 1 of our camp trip.

We arrived at camp a little after noon. It was very cloudy and drizzling rain. Two of my co-workers at Centers showed up,  Ingrid Wood and Cheryl Thiery to help with the camp. We were concerned that maybe families would decide to cancel because of the weather forecast. It did clear off and stop raining but stayed overcast most of the day. My kids got to go in the water ( although cold) they got to kayak and my 11 year old Heather taught me how to hoola hoop. This is something I have never been able to do. I then realized that I never learned to do it because I was to embarrassed to try with other adults around.

We had families start to show up in spite of the weather. It stayed dry and the kids cooked hot dogs on the camp fire and the smores in the cone was a huge hit with both kids and adults.

Just before dinner I told my youngest to get dry clothes on he said he couldn't because he had already worn them all. I reminded him that he had said he packed 4 suits of clothing. He said I did 4 suits of Pajamas. So he wore pajamas at the lake for the next two days.