Preparing for Camping Trip

Today we pack for our weekend camping trip. Kids are out this week for spring break. Part of my work with Centers For Children and Families is to plan activities for adoptive families (thats the fun part) So we were blessed to have a camp ground retreat use donated to our organization. The catch is one of our children still has school and one has work. Deahl will be staying behind with them. I am taking 8 children tent camping while working with about 60 other children and adults.

But wait it gets better. As I am trying to get caught up on laundry to pack and kids are playing outside they are trying to get a drink out of the faucet and jerking it back and forth each trying to get the first drink. They break off the pipe and water is spraying everywhere. This is just at dark last night. So I sit here 3 AM we have no water right now until pipe is replaced. Still not packed. Working on menus and activities for the weekend. Please pray for me!