Teen Groups

It's late and we just got home from East Texas. I took 4 of my teen girls there to speak and help start a support/advocacy group. It was a great meeting. The girls each told their stories. Then we did a panel discussion and then we opened up for questions. When all this was done we asked all the adults to leave the room. We left only the teens in the room to be able to ask questions.

After about 45 min I told them they needed to end in another 5. But it was great to see the interactions between these kids. From all different backgrounds and histories and they shared so many of the same struggles.

On the way home the girls were talking about their discussions and said that they all agreed that every one of the teens there had been bullied as foster children. That makes me so sad the trauma that these children have to endure.

We will be starting a teen advocacy/support group in East Texas. It was an amazing experience.