Snow Day or Being held against my will in my own home

 This week the school has been closed 3 1/2 days. That is supposed to happen in other places not Texas. Kids have been closed up. Yesterday Bubba says Mom we have done snow ball fights, made snow men,  biking on ice, hockey on ice, football on ice, skating on ice, but wrestling on ice was not such a good idea. That really hurts.

Kids are running out of ideas on what to do. Never know what is going to happen when they start running out of ideas. Im getting a little nervous. So we had a birthday for Heather yesterday, she turned 11. We got through 3 birthdays only 16 more to go.  She wanted a tinker bell cake but to icy to drive to  get one. So I made her an ice creak cake. That really helped matters giving them all a lot of sugar while closed up with them.

Today will be a day of homemade play dough, kids movies, and baking cookies. Lots of prayers for sunshine please.