Proud Mom

Matti now 19 has participated in Fine Arts competition through Assembly of God for the last 6 years. Her first year she did interpretive dance. Even though she is hearing impaired and does not have a musical bone in her body. She was brave enough to stand up before 100's of people and worship through dance. The next year she did short sermon. The next puppets and short sermon. The next just puppets and the next two short sermon. Out of 6  years she has made it to finals 5 times. 

This year they gave a new award called Heart of Ministry award. It was an award for people that use their tools they learned through fine arts competition for the ministry in everyday life. 
Matti was one of three that received this very special award this year. 

We are so blessed to know Matti let alone be her parents. Matti will graduate in May then is planning on going to college to go into the ministry. God is good!!!