Guinea Pigs

 I often end up with random pictures on my phone. But they always seem to figure out my pass word.
Last night our 18 year old came to visit. My 15 year old was telling her how they are my guinea pig. That every time I go to a training I come home and try it on them :) Last week I spent in amarillo taking a Life Space Crisis Intervention class. It addresses lots of the things we deal with in our children.

LSCI provides specific strategies for children and youth who:

  • escalate incidents into no-win power struggles 
  • distort reality
  • are self-abusive 
  • engage in destructive peer relationships 
  • lack social skills 
  • show little conscience for aggressive behavior

What I was most impressed about this training was that it talks about not solving the problem for our child but teaching them the skills to solve their own problems. There is a lot of connecting with the child. I have used it several times since returning and so far I have been very impressed with it. In my training they were using this technique in a residential treatment setting and has had great success.

I will be teaching classes in it soon. But it is an all day class. So watch for a training date.
If you have not checked out the online classes offered through Centers you need to do so.
Link to trainings.