Mom Quotes by Precious Rooks

 10 Things that my mom likes to say

When I go to work I always get asked questions about my mom and they quote the things that my mom says just by the stories that we tell them. So the other day while walking in the kitchen of the Susannah’s restaurant where my older sister and I work, I hear them quoting her. So I decided (mostly my mom decided) that I would write a blog for her about the things she says the most.

·      “Have you lost your ever-loving mind?” She likes to tell us this when we have done something wrong or something in her opinion is crazy.

Example: My little sister Heather and my mom went to the doctor and they asked Heather “What do you think is wrong with you?” She thinks for a second and says,“Well my mom says that I lost my ever-loving mind”

·      “When Hell freezes over” This is most used when we ask her permission for things that are not going to happen.

Example: When my little sister is throwing one of her famous tantrums and asks to come out of her room. Then answer is always the same.

·      “ I was praying for chocolate and God thought I said Children.”

Example: When I asked her why she started to foster this was her answer, and she never fails to remind me either.

·      “I don’t even like you” (Used by mom and dad)

Example: When we are driving in town and ask if we can stop and get ice cream (her kryptonite by the way). She says “Why I don’t even like you” as we pull into Dairy Queen. (Universal quote for yes)

·      “Do not pick up guys at the physic hospital”

Example: When we took my younger sister to the physic hospital I told her that I thought one of the guys sitting there was cute and she looked at me with that motherly look and said this. So now every time I talk about a guy she asks me if I meet him at the physic hospital.

·      “If I squint my eyes just right your dad could be Trace Atkins”

Example: I recently got a 500 writing prompts book and one of the questions was “If you could go to a private concert and be serenaded by someone who would it be?” Her response was “Dad” To which I awed then asked her what it really would be. She did not hesitate to answer “Trace Atkins.” We continued to a different topic and she told us that she was going to let the teens go to Six Flags this summer and joked that she was going to a Trace Atkins concert. I said what about dad? She says “Well if I squint my eyes just right your dad could be Trace Atkins.”

·      “I love that boy”

She says this when talking about anything my youngest brother Bubba does.

Example: Mom Bubba is picking up rocks in the yard and throwing them at people. She calls him into the den of doom and says “Bubba What are you doing” I was just looking for a rock, look I found one for you its shaped like a heart. She smiles “I love that boy”(This is a false story but if it did happened this is exactly how it would happen)

·      “Raise your hand if you're the boss/mom”

Example: She likes to say this when we have Family meetings and everyone is talking or saying what we should do. (and she doesn’t agree because she’s the mom and moms are always right)
(This is the one that my co-workers like to quote)

·      “I am fixin to knock you into next week”

Disclaimer- This is no longer used. It was used before my mom started to foster.

Example: My oldest sister told me about this one. I am assuming it was when ever she did or said something to frustrate my mom because she “no longer” uses this.

·      “Go to the yonder”

No example for this one because we have not yet figured out exactly what or where the yonder is. My older brother said its where white people live, this is the only logical definition for this mystery word.

Disclaimer- This quote is not meant to offend anyone.