Guest Bloggers Bubba and Heather Rooks (8 and 11)

Okay, so are you the youngest in your Family? If you are here is a couple of tips. Wait ,wait, wait, first you got to hear Heather & Bubba's story. So Bubba is 8 and I am 11 , I am the youngest girl Bubba is the youngest boy & he is the spoiled BRAT of the family. He takes advantage of being the youngest and gets whatever he wants. Like one time Bubba asked if he could get ice cream for breakfast Mom said no and he said who's my pretty lady? So, Mom said do you want chocolate with that? Bubba said yes please.

Okay enough about Bubba lets talk about me. I am a Daddy's girl and I love my parents , but I have a DARK SIDE. I can scream all day & all night. Its like comparing me to  a loud obnoxious drum. I can be sweet and mean.

Okay about those tips.

1. Never trust your siblings.
2. Always watch out
3. Don't fight with your older brothers
4 Always try to sleep in Mom's bed (that came from Bubba)
5 When you are the smallest Always go for the legs (also a Bubba Tip)
6. Don't eat food your siblings give you they may have put something in it.

Having seven big brothers is really hard. Think of how it would feel to live with seven older brothers that aggravate you.