Good to be Home

My Grandaughter giving me a forced pedicure

My Grandaughter Gracie at Archery practice

So happy to be home after almost a week in Amarillo for training. So blessed to have a husband that can (and will) handle things while I am gone. On the way back I stopped in Seymore and spent the night with my daughter Crystal and my two granddaughters.

It's not often they get to see me without having to share me with all the other kids. We spent some great time together in a very short amount of time. I taught Grace how to sew and she made a beautiful pillow for her bed. Got a pedicure forced on me by my 4 year old Ally. Now I have blue toe nails one hand with pink nails and one with sparkly purple nails. Took Grace to her archery practice and watch. Ate popcorn and watched Milificant together until we all fell asleep.

Glad I made it home in time for church with the family tomorrow. Really ready to get back in the swing of things.