Camping Day 3 / What I learned

Day 3 was quite the adventure that began before it started. On day 2 it began raining at 5 pm it continued. I decided I did not want to sleep in a tent with 5 stinky wet boys. I decided to sleep in the van with the two girls.

At 3 AM the boys cmd to the van because their tent had flooded. They were soaking wet. I told them to get in the van and I would start the heater and warm them up. I turn the key and nothing happened. Battery was dead from back door being left open during the day. I tell the girls to share their dry sleeping bags with boys to warm them up and we will wait for daylight to come. Then my 8 year old starts throwing up. For the next four hours I hold him and open the door sticking his head out in the rain to throw up every so often.

Daylight finally comes rain slows to a drizzle. We get van boosted off from Dan Cottner.  I wake kids and we start packing wet clothes, sleeping bags, tents etc. get it all loaded on the van strapped down securely and kids all loaded up and we go to leave and my van gets stuck in the mud. We spend the next two hours trying to unstick it to no avail. So a call to the wrecker we finally get out and head home.

I learned lots from this trip. That I am not as tough as I think I am. That people are generally kind and helpful. That I will never go camping without my husband, EVER! That my kids are real troopers and come through when I need them.