Yesterday all my kids volunteered and we went as a family and worked at the food out reach at our church. I am always thankful that my children are so loving and giving and willing to help others.  

After returning from the food out reach we were sitting in the living room me feeling so proud I have such responsible children. We hear this loud noise of banging going on in some part of the house. We were not overly alarmed as our sons had asked to move furniture around in their room. The noise sounded a lot like furniture being moved. A few minutes later the son that was going to move the furniture walks in the room. I asked if he had got his furniture moved and he said no I was coming to ask you what that loud noise was. Then there is another loud banging, we go out side to find our two ten year olds and our 8 year old running back and forth on top of the house. We get them down and inside. Then our 8 year old tells us that it was our daughters idea. That she said I am more man that you because I can jump off the house. Not only were they on the roof. Not only were they running back and forth. They were jumping off. 

 So it's time to give thanks. Thank God they didn't fall off. Thank God they didn't break something when they were jumping. Thank god we are not doing foster care anymore. Pretty sure there would be something about not being on roof tops in minimum standards. Thank God we live in the country (no close neighbors). God watches over us.