What Families Need

Yesterday I spent the day teaching an Anger Management class to 7 to 12 year olds. We had families drive from 2 hours away to bring their kids to this class. Families that are struggling with kids behaviors and poor self control. Not the children's fault, but due to the trauma they have had to endure in their young lives. 

I am awed by the parents that are so dedicated to their children that they have adopted or are fostering that they would drive so far and use a whole Saturday for their child to attend. Then the concern that these families had. Explaining and apologizing for their child's behaviors in anticipation of the problems we may have with them.  There are families that have stepped up and taken on responsibility to adopt and foster these children and they are struggling to get through each day.

What these families need is help from friends and family to understand that these are not bad kids they are just traumatized kids looking for acceptance and trying to find their place in this crazy world. They need someone to say wow you have had a pretty stressful time this week let us take your kids to a movie while you and your spouse relax. They need to have people that will say let me bring your family dinner tonight so you can take a few hours off working. Let me spend some time with this young man that has never had a Father figure and take him fishing. Let me take this young lady that has never felt special to get a pedicure. Bring your family for a family game night with our family or we will bring family game night to you. Offer what you know, how to work on a car to a teen or how to bake to a young lady, how to balance a checkbook or apply for jobs. 

These children need to feel accepted, and valued and part of not only their adoptive families but a part of the community. Often people don't understand the life that these families have chosen. This is a 24/7 job without coffee breaks or bathroom breaks (not alone anyway). We need acceptance that we are taking on Gods calling for our life and most of all we need prayer from friends and family everyday. 

I was honored to work with these kids and look forward to more great trainings in the future.  If you want to know how to be involved I can help you find a way.