The ones that did not stay

I have written about most of my children and I have some amazing children. But there are many more out there that did not stay in our home. We have still been blessed to know them. Some still have good endings. EB that came to us at 15 she was an angry girl came in fighting everyone and left fighting by way of police. We are friends on Facebook. She is over 18 now. She is a beautiful, intelligent young woman. She is going to school, working and soon to be married. She is the one that I did not think would make it and she is doing great. 

AT that went on to be adopted by my sister and is growing up to be a great young man. 

QT who lived with us twice and has grew up to be a beautiful, strong, intelligent young lady and a new Mom to a beautiful little boy. 

But there is also the other side. TW who sits in jail right now waiting trial for killing his baby. It is heart breaking. I still carry the 13 year old TW picture in my wallet. The young man that would cry in my lap recalling the abuse he had suffered.  He was our first foster child and my first experience with children who self harm. He still reaches out to me through letters and I still write back to him. I still wonder what I could have done different. 

Just because these kids have grew up, aged out, went home or went other places does not mean they do not still need a family or someone to pray for them. I go through the names in my head and pray for these kids that they have found their way. 

So when you read my post about my wonderful kids know that we consider all of these kids wonderful kids, We were blessed to know them all even for a short time but they will always be in our hearts.