Meet Child # 6 Kegan

Kegan came to us at the age of 2 years old. We got to enjoy many first with Kegan. He had never been outside, never ate meat, and never talked. He was like a scared little rabbit. Anyone would come to the house and he would run and hide. The first thing I saw were those beautiful blue eyes. He had a head of curl ringlets that hung to his shoulders and was just beautiful. He learned sign language and at the time I had two other 2 year olds and an infant. (not one of by brighter decisions) It was many hours of changing diapers and rocking babies. Kegan slowly began to trust and learned to talk. Kegan is now 10 years old. In the 5th grade. He is very OCD. Loves cleaning and organizing. Saturday mornings he is very happy little boy if he has a list to go by. Loves organizing drawers. He is almost blind in one eye and wears glasses. We have to buy glasses 4 at a time because he is typical boy and breaks them regular. Kegan never stops talking now and at night when laying in bed the last voice I can hear talking when everyone else is asleep is Kegan.