Child #9 Jordan Rooks

Jordan came to us at 5 years old with his older sister Matti. Jordan is the only quite child that God has blessed me with and quite frankly sometimes Im not sure how to handle that. It has not been easy for Jordan he moved in at 5 and we already had three younger than him at the time. Jordan sometimes gets lost in this big crazy family and we have to remind him often to speak up and voice his needs and wants. 

Jordan was born with FASD and it has effected his growth. He is the same size as our 8 and 10 year olds, even though he is 12. He also has learning disabilities that causes him to struggle in school and work extra hard to stay caught up. Jordan, even with his small stature is stocky built and muscular. He can lift twice his weight and can do anything he puts his mind to. He is my most athletic child and is often threatened to get down out of trees, top of the house, off of fences etc. 

Jordan is all boy and would live outside if allowed to. He is sweet and thoughtful and kind. He watches out for his younger siblings and his sisters.  He also pretty much stays out of everyones business. Jordan isn't much on affection and it has to be on his terms. But he is a wonderful blessing. Jordan has a bright future because he is so adventurous and so hard working. It is so great to have such different personalities in children. If they had all been bio children they may have all been more like me. Instead I get to enjoy such a wide variety of personalities and love their differences. I LOVE ADOPTION.