Child #4 Haley Rooks

Haley is our 4th adoption. She came to live with us at 5 years old with her 18 month old sister. We were there 6th foster home in five months due to behaviors. She came to us three days before Christmas. We did not have to bother with a honey moon phase with Haley. She came through the door fighting. I have probably learned more from Haley than any one. She is the one that I have used and exhausted all or my parenting skills on. She has made me go out and look for new parenting skills. She has introduced me to a variety of specialist. She taught me what the meaning of for better or for worse means. She has taught me to love even when you are not loved back. To forgive and to keep forgiving. To pray without ceasing. She has taught me about my own limitations and humbled me many times.

Haley will be 15 this year. She is still my challenge and still my child. I admire so many things about Haley. I admire her strength, her resilience and her persistence. Haley was also my first experience with having a relationship with bio grandparents. I have to say there are times that they are what has helped me to keep going. They have been there to encourage and to understand. For them I am thankful. Haley has made me learn more, research more and trust God more. She is the one that made me want to help other families struggling with difficult situations. She has helped me to become the parent and person that I am. I love you Haley rooks!!!