Child #17 Elizabeth

Elizabeth is child number 17. Well not yet but in the process of being child 17. Elizabeth is one of our former foster children and sibling to two of our other children. She aged out of care a few years ago.  She is now 24 years old. 

People ask us "why adopt an adult"? Life has not been easy for her. She suffered a very traumatic childhood and is diagnosed with Aspergers and she is diabetic. She was moved from home to home and RTC facilities as a child. Elizabeth has lived on her own in colorado for the past few years. Being alone taking care of herself. A few years ago she moved to Texas to be near her siblings so that she would have someone she knew. A few weeks ago she was hit by a car while walking to the store. She was care flighted to the hospital and no one knew who to call. She was in the hospital 3 days before recovering enough to tell them who to call. 

In spite if Elizabeth's disabilities she is one of the most intelligent people I know. She is a survivor. She has lived alone, payed her own bills, kept up with medical doctors and appointments, and is a master gamer. Elizabeth still needs a family to care for her. Someone to be there and to love and care for her. Someone to be there when she needs a ride to the doctor, to explain things she does not understand, a place to go for Holidays and a connection. 

Elizabeth is one of the statistics. Each year more than 20,000 children age out of foster care without ever finding a forever home. That is why we would adopt an adult.