Child 7 Deahl "Bubba" Rooks

Bubba is the baby of the family. He turns 9 in May. He came to us at 2 months old. We got the call, can you take siblings, 2 months old and 2 years old?  The baby is bi-racial and Meth exposed, the two year old was non verbal and never been outside the house. We did not have a problem with the biracial but Deahl said no babies.  So a few hours later they brought Bubba and Kegan. We thought they brought the wrong children. The biracial baby was blond hair and blue eyed. The two year old boy had long ringlets and was so beautiful we were sure he was a girl. 

It did not take long for Bubba to take over our lives and our hearts. However we knew that they would not be with us very long. It was bio Moms first experience with CPS. We expected to have them 6 months. So we tried to not get attached. About 3 months in we got the call from CPS that Mom called and said it was easier without them she wanted to relinquish. Did we want to adopt them? We thought we were too old to adopt these young babies.  We prayed about it and ended up saying yes. 

Bubba has the learning disabilities that are common with drug exposed babies. He struggles in school. He is very bold and outgoing at home but very shy around people he does not know. He still hides behind me when in strange environments. He loves football and is a very talented player. He is number 4 and the quarterback. He hates all girls except his Mom.