Child #16 Tyran Rooks

child 16 Tyran came to us as a 15 year old. Not sure why we took him. We had never taken a child with this background before. He had a lot of history and was not exactly like other kids in Godley Tx. We were to be his first foster home placement. He had only been in group home facilities and was involved with juvenile justice. Again not sure why I said yes just a nagging feeling that we needed to take a chance on this one. So as the case worker pulls into our drive from Amarillo Tx that day My husband says are you sure? I say oh its going to be fine he is 15 years old how bad can he be. As Tyran climbs out of the car. All 6 ft and 280 lbs of him. My husband says Oh My GOD what have you done. Tyran comes in with a very angry look on his face complaining about being in the middle of no where and how he is never staying out here. He needs to be in the city he says. I tell my husband "see I told you it will be ok he will be gone by morning" and maybe I was hoping just a little that he would be. 

Well he was still there the next morning and even the next week (I think maybe the food ) We got him into football. He had never got to play in school before and he lied for football. HE was team captain within a few months. He got a job and worked hard. We watched him grow and become this great young man. We however were not allowed to adopt him. CPS had never terminated Mom's rights. They said that he was un-adoptable. At 18 after Tyran had aged out of the system we adopted him as an adult. 

He is soon to be 20 years old. Always works at least 1 job and most of the time 2. He is an amazing dad and the best son a Mom could ever ask for. I am very proud to be his Mom and Thank God every day we said yes.