Child # 15 Nico Rooks

Nico came to us at the age of 9 years old. His sister Precious had came first, a few months before. They had been in a home with one of their brothers. So when Precious came to live in our home Nico had to make a very big grown up decision for a 9 year old, as to which sibling he wanted to stay with.  A decision that no child should ever have to make. We were blessed that he chose to come live with us. Nico had spent his life in foster care since he was an infant. More time than any child should ever be in foster care. He is extremely smart and mannerly. He is respectful to adults and he excels in school. He tries very hard, sometimes too hard because he is easily frustrated. His years in foster care has made its mark.  It has effected his self esteem and he struggles to find his place in such a large family. He struggles that his siblings that he spent his life in foster care with have all been separated and he sometimes feels abandoned. 

It is a work in progress to give Nico the secure loving base that he needs. But we have a lot to work with. He is kind, and sweet, loving and strong.  He loves the Lord, studies the Hebrew language loves to sing and play video games. He is a talented artist and a joy to have as a son.