Child 15 Kyree Rooks

Kyree on the right is child 15. Kyree came to us at 12 with his younger sister who was special needs. They were not going to be with us long as they were doing a home study on a family member.  He and his sister were here and when the family members home study was completed (Kyree was then 13) he told his case worker that he did not want to leave. His younger sister went to live with the family member and we adopted Kyree on National Adoption Day 2012. The family member would have been a good home for Kyree. Their own children were grown and they were retired with a beautiful home. He would have had everything material that he could have wanted and been the only two kids in the home. Instead he chose to stay in our big crazy family. Where he has to share a room, time, space, parents and pretty much everything else.

Kyree is my passive aggressive child he agrees to everything I tell him to do with a very respectful yes Ma'am and a smile, Then he very respectfully does not do it. So needless to say he is a challenge on days. However he is dependable when I am in a bind.

The thing I like most about Kyree is his sense of humor. We have much the same kind of humor and we laugh together a lot. When no one else gets our jokes, we get each others jokes. Almost every evening before going to bed when things are quite he comes and sits with me for a short time and we talk about our day.  He tells me about what went on at school and he always asked what I did and what my day was like. I feel that I have a very special bond with Kyree. Not to mention he is very handsome. (He will be disappointed if I don't mention that.)