The Adventure of Having Teens

So yesterday starts with one of mine that is kicked off the bus we will just refer to as child #17. So child #17 is wanting to buy something from a fund raiser at school and use an advance on his allowance. I explain that his allowance is going for gas to drive him back and forth to school. He was very suppressed and very unhappy. So he decides to walk the 6 miles to school. He leaves and we get a call from principal that they need to talk with us about child #18. We go to school check to make sure child #17 made it there and he did. We are told that child #18 is suspended for three days. So we go to take child #18 home and she refuses to go. In the mean time child #17 argues with teacher and leaves class. He enters office talks to principal, curses at principal and is suspended. Child #17 also refuses to leave. Police are called on both child #17 and child #18. School is in lock down. Police arrive and both children refuse to leave. Child 18 grabs me trying to get back into school and police handcuff child #18 after a huge 10 min scuffle with her. During said scuffle child #17 decides to get into our care that he will go home with us after all. Child #18 is still not in right mind and is taken to police care (against her will) They then pull child #8 out of class to come talk sense into child #18. They also get child #17 who by now has calmed self to talk to child #18.  Almost two hours later child #17 and child #18 are both home. They clean house all day and we went and picked out paint. They will be painting the kitchen the next few days while on vacation from school.