Meet Child #2

Child #2 came to us at 11 years old with a chip on her shoulder bigger than she was. She told us she was living with us because of her brother and she wanted nothing to do with us. She did not want to be adopted because she could take care of herself and didn't need any one. 
She is now 25, works, goes to school and is a single Mom. We have seen her grow from that sullen little mean girl (that I didn't like any more than she liked me) into a beautiful strong hard working dedicated and loving daughter, sister and Mother. We have stood proud and watched her care for her dying great grand mother and her delayed brother and sister. She would give anything to anyone that needed it. Everything she does she does with all of her heart. She has worked at the same place since she was 16 years old. She has gone to school part time while working and being a Mom to better herself and make a better life for her son.  She stands up for what is right. She loves and lives fiercely. She is the most dedicated person I know and the glue that keeps me together a lot of the time. She makes me proud. I love you Hallie Rooks.

We number our kids in the order that they were adopted. So technically Hallie should have been number 3. Hallie's brother Charlie came to live with us several months before Hallie did even though they were adopted together. But Hallie being the forceful woman she is insisted that she is child #2 and little brother gave in to her. :)