How It all Began

So today I am feeling very blessed by the man that God gave me to be my husband. When we married 15 years ago he had never had kids and never wanted kids. When I told him I felt called to foster children he thought I had lost my mind and said that I might should have mentioned that before we said I DO. So it was put on the side burner and when I say side burner I mean I turned it over to God. I was sure that this was my calling but how could I make my husband do something the didn't want to do. We went and talked to our wonderful pastor at the time Bill Swegart in Colorado. I was expecting great insight from him and all he said was if God has truly called you to this he will change Deahls heart. Well here we are a short 15 years and 20 children later. I can say God truly changed his heart. He is the only Dad that most of these kids have ever or will ever know. He is the one that stays up late to pick them up from football games. The one that left at 6:00 am to take one to a debate tournament. That drives them to school because they are suspended or to bring forgotten homework. The one that shows them what a Dad is supposed to be like. I love this man but more than that I love the Man that God has made him to be.