Bubba our 8 year old climbs in bed with me last night while I am reading. He says Mom If you were a little girl and got a bad mark on your behavior log at school what would you do? I asked oh did you get a bad mark? So he had polled his brothers and sisters with following results:

Jordan - No don't show them
Dorien - Yes be honest and go who them.
Kegan - I don't know I never get in trouble.
Heather - Show Mom but don't show Dad.
Ashley - Don't care leave me alone.
Matti - Yes tell them
Kyree - Im going to tell them before you do.

So the story was he was arm wrestling with one of his friends. The friend lets go and gets popped in the mouth with his hand. So Bubba gets wrote up. He says Then the teacher had to check the lack of self control box because there was not a box for acting crazy. :)