There is always hope.

Our daughter Heather or The Fit Thrower  (as many of you know her by) has been a challenge to parent to say the least. Her and her older sister have taught us some of our most creative parenting strategies. We have been to the school more with these two then all of our other ones together. I could paper my walls with the detention notices and teacher notes. She has been suspended from buses and school.
Last Sunday Heather/Fit thrower asked to go to Walmart she had 15.00 dollars and wanted to buy a gift for someone at school. Today I got a message from another Mom. It started out you don't know me but I wanted to tell you what your daughter Heather did. I'm thinking oh crap what now. She goes on to say that Heather has been very kind to her son and in fact she goes on to say that today was his birthday and Heather had bought him a birthday present. She says that may not be a big deal to most people but you see my son is autistic and does not have many friends. She went on to say how happy she had made him and what a great Mom I am for raising such a great kid. Usually these kind of calls end with me apologizing profusely for my children. But not this time MY Fit Thrower was amazing today. She showed love and caring for a young man that needed a friend. Yes I'm bragging. Almost cried I was so excited. So never give up hope. Love my Heather!