The Other Woman

Its not always easy being a foster or adoptive Mom. We are always a reminder of what could have been. These little people are always watching for all of our mistakes and short comings. Then Mother's day comes around and its a reminder of all the things that Mom's are supposed to be and we as foster/adoptive mom's get blamed for everything that the other Mom ever did or didnt do for them.

Yesterday we had a bit of a panic when our 16 year old did not come home from school. She had left at lunch and never came back. We frantically called everyone we knew and police to file a report. We questioned all of our kids about any plans, secret friends etc to no avail.

This morning after a very long night with little sleep I swallowed my pride and contacted THE OTHER WOMAN - yep bio Mom through face book. Before this I had never seen or spoke to her. I told her who I was and that our daughter had ran away and would she please tell me if she contacted her. A short time later she returned my call and told me she had not spoke with her but she had friends with kids that went to school with her and she would make some phone calls.
So for the remainder of the day we spent texting and phoning back and forth with ideas and information about where OUR DAUGHTER might be. This faceless woman became a real person. We worked together to make sure she was safe. She spoke to her first and told her she needed to go home to me. This woman that has not seen her daughter in 10 years wanted what was best for our daughter.

The greatest thing was when she made it home safe she was mad at both of us and thinks we are both terrible Moms.