New Beginnings

Easter is all about new beginnings and I am so glad I am really ready for some new beginnings. It has been a tough 5 days. Husband went to Colorado for a few days to visit family. I had a 5 day weekend so it would be a great time for him to be away. (Sometimes I have visions of grandeur and think that I am more talented than I am) The first few days went pretty well. Sick baby up all night last night.

Today I took 10 kids to church by myself. I drop off some kids at home, go to pick up three others, before I get back I get a phone call that one is having an asthma attack at home.  Not to worry this is an occurrence that happens frequently and at every holiday with this child, seeking attention she has various sicknesses anytime we have all the kids home.  When I get home she is n bed,  kids on trampoline one does a back flip and kicks the other one in the face blood is everywhere and Heather will go to school tomorrow looking like she was punched in the face. We have a great lunch followed by grandkids Easter egg hunt. Then we have one wanting to runaway and go live with boyfriend, even asked me to drive her there. (She must have lost her ever lovin mind).

Then just when all of this settles down one of my other teens needs to talk with me about going to visit bio family for a few days. But not to worry cousin will pick her up. I ask what she knows about him she says I know he was in prison. Ok I will drive her to Abilene.

Tomorrow is a new beginning. Kids go back to school others go back home. Husband gets home from Colorado and finally I will have backup.