Eyes Ball and Underwear

My Children give me so much material for blogging. I tell them  (or Warn them ) that everything they say or do can and will be used against them in my blog. Sometimes they don't believe me and I have to remind them that something they do sounds like a good blog. It is meant to gives them a chance to correct what they are doing. I figure if they choose to continue then I can blog about it. 

This morning on the way home from church there was a conversation going on that would only be heard in the Rooks family vehicle.  Do not take out your eye ball again because it scares Desi. Then three boys in unison yelling take it out we want to see it. Me yelling you better not her saying oops too late. Girls yelling gross boys yelling cool. Me put it back in and I will be blogging about this later today. 

Tune in tomorrow for the conversation on little boy underwear...