National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption awareness Month and there are many children that will be adopted this month. Including one of our own. Desiree will be 18 in 6 weeks and will finally join her forever home on National Adoption day at 17 years old.

There are thousands of child still waiting and many that will never find that home. Many people are afraid the many misconceptions about what they have heard about foster kids. Being a foster and/or adoptive parent is a totally selfless decision. There are many excuses:

  • Many say I wouldn't be able to handle the loss. 
    • You are making it about you not them
  • I am afraid what my bio children will learn things from them.
    • Your children will learn about selfless love and what a real family is.
  • My friends and family wouldn't understand.
    • You are right but you will learn what real friends and real family looks like.
  • Our house is not big enough.
    • The important thing is your heart big enough?
  • We cant afford it.
    • These kids nor God cares how much many you have.
Open your heart and your home. Consider adopting or fostering or helping those who do.