Watch what you say

It has not been an easy summer at the Rooks home. We took a new fictive kin placement for a few months (still here) of three girls 2,3,and 9. Three of us has had surgery and I have made a job change. So things have been even crazy to say the least.

We are greatly looking forward to school starting back on the 24th. The kids are ready to go back to school. It's too hot to play out side and we limit their electronic time so they are bored and ready for something different.

So yesterday as one of them ask the umpteenth time when does school start back. Deahl says the 24th and Bubba says YESSS. Deahl makes the comment and we will be dancing naked in the streets.
So Bubba smiles and leaves the room as I hear him go down the hall he stops at the first door and tells his sisters hey guess what school starts the 24th and mom and dad are going dancing. Then I hear hey guys guess what school is fixing to start and mom and dad are getting naked to go dancing. By the fifth person he tells Mom and Dad are in there getting naked.

I am happy to report that although we are excited about school starting we will not be dancing naked in the streets or any where else!!