Trials and Tribulations

As foster and adoptive families we all face difficult times ( that is an understatement). Caring and loving someone else's child is never an easy task. We take in all the damage and hurt caused by others and welcome it into our homes and our lives. We are there to help them through the hurt, pain, trauma and loss. We love these children as we love our own not making a difference between them.

Today I want to give encouragement to families that are struggling. Yesterday after driving for 6 hours, being in a fender bender, taking the wrong direction twice and getting caught in traffic jam a mile from the hotel I finally go to dinner and was so happy to be out of the car. As one of my most beloved and trusted children called from the airport to tell me she was leaving to go live with her bio parents I was reminded again that this job is not for the week at heart.

We watch these children that we have nurtured, loved and cared become adults and make decisions that will change the course of their whole lives. Regular people don't understand that we have the same heart wrenching loss as we would if experiencing this from our bio children. These children from trauma no matter how much we think they have healed always carry this great loss and are always looking for a way to fill that loss.

This has not been the first child that has flew the coop to return to the disfunction they came from and Im sure that it will not be the last. This does not ease the hurt and loss we as parents feel. But I do know in my heart that we have given her a secure base and she knows that she has that to return to when needed. All we can do is pray that she finds what she is looking for and that God keeps her safe.