Back to School

The school supply lists are never easy to figure out. Its never just pencil, paper, notebooks and crayons like it was when we were young. You get a long list of items not only listing the item but also the number needed in package and brand they want you to buy. Last year my challenge was plastic pocket folders with brads and pockets in purple, red, blue and green. I remember it well because all over town there were paper folders but no plastic.
This year its paper folders only no plastic allowed. In red, blue green and yellow with brads and pockets. Well guess what the stores have plastic pocket folders. Lots of paper folders but none with brads and pockets.

You can imagine the challenge we face with 12 children to buy school supplies for each year. (This year we are down to 10 but still a challenge.) A challenge not only for the finding each item on the list but the expense of all the school supplies. So usually I buy all year and guess at what they will need. Then I buy a big amount when supply lists come out then finish the first week of school.

This year was going to be different. I print out all 10 lists for 5 different schools and sort all the supplies I already have. I make my first trip to the store and only stopped after my basket was running over. I take that home and sort, pain stakengly placing supplies in each bag with kids names written on outside of bags.

Then back to the store for my second trip another basket full and back home to sort and check off lists. So all supplies are bagged and placed in a corner of my bedroom. One more trip to the store to finish up and I will have all supplies bought before school starts. I am feeling very accomplished.
Until I walk into the bedroom to a huge pile of mixed up school supplies and my 3 year old grandson says MeMe im helping you un bag your groceries. Eleven more days!