family story 2

A few years ago we had about 6 teen girls in the home at one time. (one of my darker times) had gotten a new placement 15 year old girl. Now in our school if you check a child into school after 10:00 AM they can not attend school until the following day. So This young lady comes to us in middle of the day. We take her to the school and check her in. She is to start the following day. So the next morning she gets on the bus with our other 11 at home at the time. She gets to school and goes with the others to the cafeteria for breakfast.

Something happened (still unsure) someone says something to her that she doesn't like and she jumps across the cafeteria table and jerks this girls weave out. I get called to the school (before I have stared my second pot of coffee) As I go in my favorite SRO officer Dusty Ford meets me at the front of the office and I ask which one is it and he says all three. He has one in nurses office one in assistant principal office and the new one handcuffed in the principals office. The school loves me!

All three get suspended for three days and I have them paint their bedroom.  They paint the whole bedroom with one inch brushes. Asking don't you have bigger brushes?  yes I do but these are the ones you will be using.
Wait till you hear the rest of this story...........