The Green Glob

As I walk into the kitchen for my morning coffee I step in something kind of slimy. While this is not unusual at my house it was not the typical grape jelly, peanut butter, or hair grease type of feel to it. It was slimy but kind of firm. I look closer to investigate and notice it is a gel substance green in tent and slick but firm. There are droplets across the kitchen and down the cabinet. There is a spray bottle covered in it and it is all over the seat of the bar stool and coming out of the microwave.

I wasn't overly concerned as it wasn't moving on its own YET. So I go ahead with my morning coffee because Im a firm believer that dealing with any problems after coffee is going to get me better results.
So after a couple of cups of coffee and some of my best mom interrogations I discover that my little boys. All 5 of them when told to clean their rooms the night before decide that all they need is a little fabreeze not really an all out room cleaning. So they find the fabreeze only to discover it is empty. So they decide to make their own. They dump out a spray bottle of kitchen cleaner for the sprayer. Thy get two containers of mens deodorant (green gel sports fragrance) Pop it in the microwave and melt it to make fabreeze. IT worked the first spray until it cooled off. Now green slime spray gel dots all over the kitchen. Now it makes perfect sense to me.