Back in the Drivers Seat

Today was my first day out of bed for more than two hours at a time since Monday when I had surgery. It was just time for me to put on my big girl panties and get things done. Matti had her Senior Pep Rally and awards today at the High School. SO I ventured out to a packed gym where every one was packed in and stood for the first 45 min then found a seat for the last 2hrs and 45 min. Upon leaving I was bumped into repeatedly and about ran over a couple of times. Probably not my best idea of my first outing. I then realized I will only have to do this 8 more times. But on the bright side by the time I get to the 8th one I will have a place to sit because I will probably be riding around in my own chair.

<IMG_1352.JPG>Ventured into the kitchen for the first time in 5 days. Another not a good choice for me. While I appreciate my family making do while I was out of commission this week. I open up the fridge to every shelf has multiple containers wrapped in tin foil. (wondered why our reception was better at the house this week than usual)

We had had some wonderful friends and family drop off food for us this week. When the family put things away they obviously forgot where the tupperware lids are they found the bottoms but did not use the lids stored right next to them but used aluminum foil, Lots of aluminum foil.

Im not big on waste so I remade all the left overs into something else. Not I have three more casserole dinners in the freezer for this week. Washed a load of tupperware (bottoms only) Washed three loads of laundry.

The high light of my week was when my 8 year old came in and said that our 7 year old foster was cursing again. I was laying on the couch and called the accused in and asked him " are you cursing again?" at which he replies. "What the HELL I wasn't cursing"