Our day at the Capital

Yesterday Matti and I went to Washington DC to speak at the Capital about the importance of the Adoption Tax Credit. Our plane left out of DFW at 6:20 AM. Not a big deal because Im usually up by 3:30 or 4:00 anyway, I am a morning person. However our plane gets there at 9:30 AM and our appointment is not until 4:00 PM. so we take a taxi to the Smithsonian and spent the day going through the various museums until Matti says no I have had enough. We looked for a place for lunch and all we found were the museum restaurants. We tried that and had a $10.00 bowl of very bad chicken noodle soup. (But the crackers were good). We fought our way through crowds of pushing, yelling and cursing teens. Matti was outraged. (She has been so sheltered.)

We walked up to the Capital There is all kinds of security as a helicopter flies over and lands on the lawn of the capital and security shuts down everything streets, sidewalks everything. There are news paper reporters everywhere. As we make our way to the side of the capital things have calmed down and suspect has been taken into custody we are told we can not enter as a dignitary is exiting and we have to wait for that. So 30 min later more security (this time with machine guns) lots of black cars etc. We then are allowed to go through security and enter the capital building. It was a great opportunity to share our story and advocate for the adoption tax credit to be refundable. When Matti told her story there were many tears. I am so proud of her.

We get done at 5:00 take a taxi to the airport. What to eat we get a 10.00 very bad sandwich and a 12.00 fair salad and wait for three more hour for our plane to leave. We get in at 10:10 back at DFW and home at midnight. This was a problem because I am not a night person. It made for a very long day. So grateful to be home.