Not Alone

Sometimes as foster and adoptive parents we feel all alone. Ok actually most of the time we feel all alone. Our families and friends don't understand the journey we have chosen, caring for hurting children. A couple of days ago we made the decision to take two young boys that needed a home.

We had given up our foster license and thought that was it. So we moved bedrooms and kids around one last time. I took in one of the bedrooms as my office and loved having a space that was just mine. didn't have to share it. Can keep it as warm or cool as I want. Play music while working, take private phone calls, shut the door. I was feeling very blessed.

So then God stepped in and we said yes. Everyone thinks we are either crazy or that we are saints. We are neither one. god put it on our hearts to take these kids and we answered. Within two hours of saying yes we got a phone call from a total stranger that had heard one or our daughters stories and asked us to come to West Texas to speak at their church. The next day we got a refund check from our finance company on our car that we had over paid and I got a net opportunity to work with more hurting families.

We are truly blessed and God has truly rewarded us for saying yes. So when you feel you are in this all alone don't look around for friends and family to support you. Look up to the one that is always there.

Now I am loosing my wonderful office that I love so much. Will be going back to the noisy corner in the bedroom. But they are oh so worth it.