Setting an Example

There are various people that read my blog. Some I know very well, some I know vaguely and some I have never met before. It is always a surprise to me that people are so interested in my crazy life and crazy family. There are some things that most of you don't know about me because I have never shared.

I grew up much like the kids we take into our home. But in the 60's there was no CPS as there is today. People looked the other way when you came to school with bruises and scratches. No one thought anything about it when belts and sticks were use don children. There was no programs to tell children about sexual abuse and you had rights to your own body.

I went from abusive parents to abusive marriage and finally found my freedom at the age of 30. As a single Mom with no education and no job skills I worked hard (sometimes 3 jobs) to make a better life for my daughters. When I married Deahl 15 years ago it was the first time I had not worked 2 jobs in many years.

I continually encourage my kids to get their education to learn as much as they can to take advantage of every opportunity to learn more. I always used my working as an excuse to not do this myself. Last year I decided that I needed to set an example for my kids. Last month I completed my certification as a life coach. I continue to take classes on line to improve myself and learn as much as I can. I want to be an example to my children that you can rise above your raising. That you are never too old to learn. That you should take advantage of every moment that God give you. Today I wrote to some former foster children that are in jail and the one piece of advise is to seize this opportunity and time that they have to read and to learn as much as they can. It is never too late with God.