Day 2 Camping Trip

Day two of our camping trip was a great day. Although it was cloudy and overcast. It even sprinkled a few times but the weather held out and kids got to cook out, play games, swim, kayak and fish. There was one fish caught although with that many kids around we were surprised there were fish within miles.

We only had one fish hook mishap and luckily the Carter family was there he is a doctor and she is a nurse. So this was quickly taken care of with very few tears. They had contests to build marshmallow/spaghetti structures. Contests on who can put the most skittles in their mouth without swallowing them.

About 5:00 we had just finished dinner and you could hear and smell the rain coming. We quickly cleared the tables and everyone went to their tents for cover. The kids had Gack to play with that had Lavender essential oils for calming in it.
TO BE CONTINUED...............