Child #18 DC

Cant show the pic because she is not yet adopted. She was in another foster home that was taking a break from fostering for a while due to parents medical issues. DC has lots of medical issues and will be 18 in January of next year. She is several years behind in school due to her time in foster care and in hospitals.  We had developed a relationship with her. We offered to take her as a fictive kin if we did not have to be relicensed to foster. They were trying to send her home and she was going to be in care only a couple of more month. They moved her to our home in December and she is still here. She has decided to stay and we want to make her number 18 in our family. Because of the way things are we will have to wait until she is 18. 
She is a sweet loving and funny young lady.  She shows so much promise and is currently running an online teen support group. She is going to make a great advocate and a great daughter. She wants a family to love and care for her. She needs someone to be there for doctor appointments, proms, and graduations, broken hearts, birthdays and boyfriends. I look forward to being her forever family to such an amazing young lady.  Will post her picture when she is ours!!!