Amarillo Texas

I have been at the beautiful Cal Farley Boys Ranch this week doing an amazing training on LSCI Crisis Intervention. It's tough being away from my family this week. (Well tough for Deahl anyway)
They had another snow day today and all the kids were home with him. But I heard from the kids at least he did not make us eat peanut butter burritos.

I am learning some great new tools to use with my kids and to teach to other families. Cant wait to get back and try them out. My poor kids are always the test subjects for my trainings. They get very suspicious when I start using new tactics and asking questions.

Cal Farleys is a beautiful place. It is completely funded by private donations. All the children are voluntary placements by the families. They have their own school district, clinic, dentist, optometrist, laundry, gym, bowling alley, grill, store, football field, track , meat packing plant etc etc etc. They are wonderful hosts and gave me an apartment on the ranch to stay in this week while training. The weather has been beautiful. Ready to go home, I miss the noise!!!