GUEST BLOGGER- Precios Rooks

All my life I have always moved even when I was out of foster care. I was always on the move, from house to house, to town to two. state to state, and country to country. I have never stayed any where for very long all at once. Never had any where to really call home, a place I could always go back to. I have been with the Rooks for 4 years as of Febuary the 3rd. I remember my first day at the house like it was yesterday. 
I was riding with my case worker and we where driving through the country. I was beginning to get nervous after a while, which was new to me considering that moving was so fimilar to me that I can unpack my stuff within a world record. Anyway as we are driving through the country I begin to think to myself what house are we gonna stop at. When all of a sudden we turn into the drive way of a little green farm house. I remember looking at my case worker and going "Are you sure you got the right house?" 
She just smiled and nodded her head. When I got out of the car taking a deep breath of farm fresh air.(especially with dairy a few miles away) I turned around to find the school bus pull in. I heard a high voice yell "New girl is here" #5 says as I began to count the kids as they got out of the bus. I stopped counting after 8 and looked at my caseworker who contiued to the door. I followed where one of the girls answered the door saying to me before I could even step foot in the house. "If you touch my stuff I will kill you" where I here one of the kids yell "mom ***** is threatening the new girl" I nodded use to this type of behavior. I contiuned inside and talked with my new parents and said my goodbyes to my caseworker. After a while my mom told me to go unpack my things and asked the same girl mind you to help me find somewhere to putt my things. The girl contiued to tell me that they had no room for me and she didn't know where they where going to put my things. She walks over to the closet and begins to pull my other roommates(#12) things out of the closet throwing them on the floor. When #12 walks right into the room and they begin to yell at each other,resulting in a fist fight. I hear big booming steps of my new dad echo down the hall. When he yells at me to get out of the room which is the first word that I ever heard him say to me... I rushed out of the room. 
1 hour later theres about 2 police cars in the front yard. In the midst of it all on of the girls has an ashma attack in the front yard. So about 2 hours later there are 4 police cars, two abulances, and 2 fire trucks in the front yard. My mom walks by me sitting on the couch eating chips and smiles and says "Your still here?" I smiled a said "Yes I am still here"