Child #13 Precious Rooks

Yesterday Precious was my Guest Blogger. She told her story of the first day in our home. So today I am telling my story about her. 
She came to us as a teen with a chip on her shoulder. She was angry at everyone and everything. She had daily bouts of stomping off to her room slamming doors when she didn't get her way. ( Which must have been quite often) One of her favorite saying was "I'm going to cut you" She had spent many years in foster care and felt she needed to keep the tough facade. 
One of her little sisters told her one time while they were fighting "I don't know why anyone would name you Precious because you are not" 
I think she fell in love with the other kids first. It was gradual that she connected with them then felt like she needed to be their protector but she is THE big sister.  They all love Precious.
She spent months of wanting to be adopted then not wanting to be adopted. All the way up until the week before telling us she was leaving she did not want to be a part of our family. We just agreed with her and kept going forward. We finalized her adoption and she was like a different person. Not sure if it was the stability of having a family or that she just hit that maturity level or a little of both. She became gentle, and kind and yes she became Precious. Last year she attended a training in Kansas for teen advocates and came back to Texas to start a teen mentor program. She has spoke at CPS conferences and is a great advocate for kids in foster care. She is also having her first book published and scheduled to come out in May. Precious moved out last month into her own apartment to start her life on her own. She is much missed but we are so excited to see what great things she is going to do with her life. Im not going to lie it is not easy parenting a teen. Especially a teen that you just met. But we would not trade a moment of the short time we got to spend with Precious.