Child # 12

So child # 12  Alexy Rooks came to us when we were asked to do respite. She was to stay a few days and she stayed forever. For that I am thankful. Alexy was adopted from Russia at a very early age then went back into foster care in Texas. Its always hard on a child that has a failed adoption because they have double the loss and pain. Alexy was 17 when we adopted her and I can't say it is easy taking on raising a child that has already been raised for the most part. That is because you don't have the time to instill in them all those important things that they need to know. Things like she is smarter than she knows. She doesn't have to be tough all the time. It is ok to show you gentle side. Things like she is a beautiful woman and she needs to embrace that. That she is loved unconditionally. That she always has a family. They may be a little crazy and chaotic but her family non the less. I wish I had met her earlier in her life and I would have held her and reassured her of these things. I can't wait to see what she does with the rest of her life. I know God has something very special planned for the very special young lady. I love you Alexy Rooks. Never forget you are a child of GOD and he loves you too.