Realization Child #5

I always have some of my greatest ideas in the middle of the night while I am asleep. Maybe because I am extremely ADHD and that is the only time my mind is quite enough to listen to my thoughts. So my realization last night was the the one thing that makes me the craziest about child #5 is also the thing I love the most about her. She is very resilient. Child #5 is currently our challenge child. She challenges at every opportunity. When being corrected she always says I'm trying. Yes we agree she is very trying most of the time.
She is also the one I can depend on. If she does not know how to do something she will figure it out. Never says I can't or I don't know how. She may fight with her siblings but she will fight for them in a moment. About 50% of the things she gets in trouble for is for not staying out of other peoples business when her brothers are in trouble. She feels the need to defend them. She will fight for what she thinks is an injustice. She will be grounded with them or for them. So I am remembering today when she is making me crazy what do I like about her the most.